Olivia De Melo’s new single is a deep soul-tickler with a deceptively uplifting melody. The track is full of heart and harmony with a full piece band, including a beautiful cello line throughout.


“I Need You is about more of a feeling than a topic. That deep and raw emotion of feeling ‘trapped in the space’ of darkness, lost, and the only thing to pull you out is that significant someone.”


Olivia planted herself in the Perth music scene just over 5 years ago when she picked up her poetry book, taught herself the guitar, and re-sparked her lost passion for music and performing from her school days.


Performing in many of WA’s most popular venues since, De Melo has supported and played alongside and supporting Perth’s favourites, including Timothy Nelson, Otiuh, Old Blood, Hyclass, Riley Pierce, Teisha, Jordy Maxwell, Michael Dunstan and Blue Child Collective. As well, supporting touring acts from across the borders, Hussy Hicks, Joe Mongovan and Dusty Boots.


‘I Need You’ was co-produced by Olivia herself in her home studio, as well as by Dylan Ollivierre from The Money War.

Olivia De Melo is known by her local fans as having soulful vocals and lyrics, with indie-pop appeal and head-bopping beats. If you catch her live at one of the more intimate  shows, you’ll probably hear one or two covers of a classic soul tune from the likes of Etta James.

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